What’s new in Android 13 Go Edition (All New Features)

Android 13 has been available for a couple of months now. Google has made many improvements to the Android OS. But with each improvement and new feature, the OS gets heavier. While most budget phones, mid range, and premium phones have no problem running the latest Android version, it is a problem for entry level phones.

To counter the handling problem, Google introduced Android Go five years ago. The Go version is a lighter version of Android that is smaller and uses less power, space, and other resources. And so it makes perfect sense for Google to continue with the latest updates.

While flagship and mid-range phone users get to taste the new features, users with entry-level phones miss out on those great new features. And so here comes the role of Android Go. And with Android 13 Go, users can get the most hyped feature which is the Material You theme.

So if you have an entry level phone, then you should know about the latest Android Go version which will soon roll out to eligible devices. So no more worry about less memory and space. As per the official data, there are over 250 million users running on the Android Go version. Now let’s talk about what’s new in Android 13 Go.

Material You

This is one of the main features of Android 12, and it’s getting available on Android Go devices as well. Material You let users apply the color scheme matching the main wallpaper to the entire UI including Quick Settings, Apps, App icons, Settings, etc.

Android 13 Go Features

Only some third party apps support Material You at the moment, but soon it will expand to more third party apps as it depends on developers to adopt it on their apps. While Stock apps already received Material You.

Android 13 Go will have limited 4 color schemes to pick compared to the 16 color schemes on Android 13. But it is enough as in practical use we choose the default scheme as it looks the best most of the time.

Direct Software Updates

Any major update weighs more and so to update the device, it needs more free space that entry level phones can’t afford. And with the latest Android 13 Go edition, Google is bringing the Google Play System Updates to Go devices that will ensure the latest critical and required security updates to the device without needing much space.

This way you don’t have to wait for software updates from the vendors to get important security updates.

Google Discover

Discover is one of the useful features that show relevant content in just a swipe. It is available on the standard Android version for a long time. And now with the Android 13 Go edition, it will be available on Go devices.

To access it, all you need to do is wipe right and you will have the latest news, helpful content, stories, and more that you may like.

Notification Permission

The Android 13 Go edition also includes some main features of Android 13 including Notification Permission. When users install and open apps for the first time, they will get a popup whether they want to allow notification for the app or not. This can be done manually from the app info page but having the popup options improves the user experience.

Android 13 Go Features

Per App Language Preference

In the Android 13 Go edition, users can pick different languages for different apps. This is a new feature of Android 13. It is a useful feature. So if you want an app to run in English and other apps in other languages, you can do that with the Per app language preference.

Android 13 Go Features

Check out the features in detail on the official page.

There are some other features that are coming with Android 13 Go. But these are the top features that you will definitely like for a better user experience. As of now, the eligible devices are unknown. But once we have more information, we will share it with you.

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