Android 13 Beta Update is available for these Non-Pixel devices

Google has been working on Android 13 since February and even released the developer previews for select devices from the pixel lineup. The 2022 Google I/O showed up all the great things we can expect to see with Android 13. Of course, we also got to see a glimpse of the new Google Pixel 7, the Pixel Tablet as well as the Pixel Watch. However, the main point of interest for everyone out there is the new Android OS. Well, Android 13 has already reached its Beta phase and, Google has already released Android 13 beta 2 for its Pixel Lineup.

Now, apart from the Pixel lineup, there are a number of other OEMs who have kickstarted the Android 13 beta program. Sure, there are a huge number of Android OEM devices out there, but only a few will be getting a taste of the Android 13 Beta. That doesn’t mean the brands not mentioned will not be getting Android 13. They will, but release it on their own schedule. Anyways, if you are excited to know which devices will be able to get a taste of the Android 13 beta, then you have come to the right place.

Eligible Devices for Android 13 Beta


  • ZenFone 8

The ZenFone 8 from Asus is the first Asus device that gets the taste of Android 13 beta 1. The update is currently live for Zenfone 8. You can download the update by heading over to the official Android 13 Beta page. The Zenfone 8 was also one of the first Asus devices that got the beta update to Android 12 last year. If the Android 13 Beta update doesn’t get well with you, you can also roll back to Android 12.


  • Lenovo P12 Pro

Now, most of the time, you would find mobile devices being prepped up to get the latest beta version of Android. This time, Lenovo has decided to put their P12 Pro tablet for Android 13 Beta 1. Now, with Android 13, tablet users will be getting a better and more refined experience. However, only the Wifi variants of the P12 Pro will be eligible for the beta update to Android 13. Apart from that, only the models that have been outside the Chinses market are eligible for the beta update. The model number for the supported tablet is Lenovo TB-Q706F. Lenovo also provides the option to roll back in case you have major issues with Android 13 Beta 1.


Nokia is known to be one of the OEMs that give users a pure stock Android experience. And yes, this time a number of Nokia devices are expected to be receiving the Android 13 beta update. So far, Nokia has not revealed which device or devices will be eligible for Android 13. They do provide you the option to roll back to Android 12 in case Android 13 is hampering your day-to-day use. We will have to wait and see what devices from Nokia will be eligible. Watch this space for updates.


  • OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus is no stranger when it comes to testing out beta versions of Android. They have now announced the update to Android 13 beta 1 for the OnePlus 10 Pro. The carrier version of the OnePlus 10 Pro and non-pro versions are not eligible for the beta update. For more details, you can check out our coverage on the Android 13 Beta 1 update for this device.


  • Find X5 Pro

Just like the OnePlus, the Pro version of the Oppo Find X5 si eligible for the beta update to Android 13 It might seem a bit absurd that the non-pro versions of the eligible devices miss out on the beta updates to Android. The update, however, does have a string of issues that you will expect as aFind X5 pro user. You can check out all details about the beta update by heading here.


  • Realme GT 2 Pro

Not far behind in the Realme GT 2 Pro. The update for Android 13 beta 1 has already been released and can be installed by the users right away. We have more details about the update for this Realme phone over here.


  • Vivo X80 Pro

Vivo has decided to give the X80 Pro the beta update to Android 13. However, the update is yet to go live and is expected to be released anytime soon. The update will be having some issues that will not work properly such as the fingerprint sensors and face unlock. Well if you don’t like the beta update, Vivo will give the X80 Pro users an option to roll back to Android 12 baked with ColorOS 12.


  • Aquos Sense 6

The Android 13 Beta 1 update can also be enjoyed by users of the Aquos Sense 6. Only the models that are not courier locked will be eligible for the Android 13 beta update. Sharp has also stated that the fingerprint sensor will not be working and also that you won’t be able to hear audio played from Bluetooth earphones. You can check out more details of the Android 13 Beta update for the Sense 6 by heading here.


  • CAMON 19 Pro 5G

Tecno will be pushing the update to Android 13 beta 1 to its new 5G device. There isn’t much information about when the update is expected to drop. This is a device that is expected to be released in June. So if you are someone that is planning to purchase a new TECHNO device, well this could be the one for you. However, there are possibilities of the beta updates to be running a bit late on these devices. You can read all the details over here.


  • Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro and Xiaomi Pad 5

Xiaomi has also entered the game to provide the beta update to Android 13 for their newly launched devices. With two mobile phones and one tablet, Xiaomi is aiming to bring the best Android experience to its users. The update has already been released and users can now download the update for their Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and the Pad 5.


  • Axon 40 Ultra

ZTE has also joined the list of manufacturers to provide the beta update to Android 13. However, there s a catch. Only the Ultra version of the Axon 40 is eligible for the update. Only devices that have been purchased from the Chinese market are eligible for this beta update. So, if you are someone that has purchased the Axon 40 Ultra from other markets, you will be out of luck. The update is yet to be released for the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra.

Well, the adoption rate for the beta version of Android 13 seems to be looking good. For devices for whom the update is yet to be released, always check with the official pages of the device for the availability of the update. There will always be some claims of an update package being made available for your eligible device. Stay away from such packages as you will end up bricking your device. Also, make sure to download the update packages from trusted and official sources only.

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