Best Ways to Get Android 12 Widgets on any Android Phone

Android 12 is now officially available for Pixel phones. And soon other OEMs will also release stable Android 12 for their phones. But we all know the reality that most Android phones are not going to get the Android 12 update. Even many devices that are eligible will get the update late. But we all want to experience the new UI from Android 12. We may not be able to get all the features of Android 12, but we can get Android 12 widgets with a few tweaks. Here you will learn how to get Android 12 widgets on any Android phone.

The new and improved widget collection is one of the best features of Android 12. Most of the widgets are customized in a way that enriches the home screen view. And as most of us like to setup the homepage of our phone, widgets play an important role in such cases. And it’s also easy to get widgets using different apps used for customization.

How to Get Android 12 Widgets

If you have an Android phone and want to try out the Android 12 widget, you can follow this guide. Yes, you can get Android 12 widgets regardless of the Android version of your device. Since Android 12 has been available for some time considering beta releases, developers have come up with a number of apps that feature new widgets. We are going to use third party apps to get Android 12 widgets on other Android phones.

In this guide, we will be sharing methods that require only free widgets. But in case if you have a budget, you can review paid widgets available on Play Store before purchasing. Now let’s continue with methods.

Method 1: Android 12 Widgets (Twelve)

This new widget lets users easily set Android 12 widgets on the homescreen without using any custom widget pickers. Yes, this is a free Android 12 widget application. It has widgets for Clock, Battery, Notification, Music, Google Search, and system toggles. All widgets are designed similar to Android 12 widgets.

The variety of widgets are less but it is all that you need if you want to experience Android 12 without installing many third party applications. Yes, it has almost all the widgets from Android 12. It is missing the weather widget and standalone calendar widget. Now let’s see how to get Android 12 widgets using this widget application.

How to Get Android 12 Widgets

Tip: If you want to customize the homescreen, then I suggest using a third party launcher like Nova Launcher. You can customize homescreen using these launchers to perfect the widget placements.

  1. Install the Android 12 Widgets app on your Phone from Play Store.
  2. Open the app and it will display all the available widgets. Here you can decide which Android 12 widget you want to use.
  3. Now go back to homescreen and make sure there is enough space on your homescreen to set these widgets.
  4. Long tap on the homescreen and the tap on Widgets.
  5. Look for the Android 12 Widgets section and once you find your favorite widget long press on it and drop in the homescreen.
  6. It will then ask you to set the background color for the widget. Pick a color that matches with your wallpapers and tap on Add Widget.
  7. After adding a widget, resize your widget as per the available space on the homescreen.

For some widgets like WiFi, Notifications, Music, you need to grant permission to the widget application. Also, you will need to set a particular app for Music and Notification widgets. Some of the widgets support click action directly from the homescreen. You can jump to battery settings, turn on/off Bluetooth and WiFi.

Method 2: Get Android 12 Widget using Material Komponents

There are some popular widget applications like KWGT and KLWP that let you create custom widgets and even let you use widgets that are created by other developers. And as we mentioned many developers have already shared a bunch of Android 12 widgets applications based on KWGT that you can use to get Android 12 widgets on any Android phone.

First, we are going to use the Material Komponents app which is free and available in the Play Store. It does not have many widgets, but the one that is available looks good and easy to apply. Also since it is a KWGT based widget, you can manually create widgets using available widgets packs.

How to Apply from available Android 12 Widgets

I am using Nova Launcher as it is easy to use with custom widgets like KWGT. But you can also use another launcher or default launcher that comes with your phone.

  1. Install KWGT and Material Komponents from the Play Store on your phone.
  2. Long tap on the homescreen and go to Widgets.
  3. Select a big grid KWGT widget (you can pick 4 x 4 and then resize it to 6×4).
  4. After adding the KWGT widget click on it.
  5. Now look for Installed packs and click on Material Komponents.
  6. Now choose a Material Widget of your choice.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  7. Go to the Layer section and set the Widget size to fit the widget in the Home screen. If the grid size is bigger and all components are visible then no need to change the widget size.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets

How to Create Android 12 Widgets and Apply

Material Komponents also has standalone elements from Android 12 that we can use to create widgets of our own. There are Clock, Music, Gallery, Weather widgets. Let’s see how to create and get Android 12 widgets on any Android phone manually.

  1. Follow the first 4 steps from the previous method.
  2. When you click on the empty KWGT widget, it will open KWGT components, click on Create button.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  3. Next click on the + icon to the top right corner.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  4. Now from options select Komponent and then choose a card that you want.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  5. For example I am selecting the Music widget which is same as Android 12 Music widget.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  6. Now in Layer adjust the size according to your display, once done you can save it.
  7. When you go back to home, you will see the Android 12 widget that you set.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets

If the widget size is not as expected, then you will get the perfect size in a few tries. It is a bit complex method but you are also learning how to customize homescreen.

In case if you want to get a single Android 12 widget like clock and weather then also there are a few Android apps to try. Let’s see in the guide.

Method 3: How to Get Android 12 Clock Widget on Android Phones

We have already shared a story on how to get clock and weather widgets where we mentioned a couple of apps from developer Mohamed Ibrahem. Here also we are going to use the same app. For the Android 12 Clock widget, you can use this guide.

How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  1. Install Android 12 Clock Widgets from Play Store.
  2. By default there are 5-6 free widget. There are some paid widgets too.
  3. You can either apply the Android 12 clock widget from the app itself or use the widgets option from the homescreen.
  4. To apply from the app, open the App.
  5. Now click on the Android 12 Clock Widget that you want to apply and then click on Add Automatically.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  6. The widget will be set to the homescreen that you can resize as per your preference.

Method 4: How to Get Android 12 Weather Widget on Android Phones

The Android 12 weather widget is available using the KWGT method, but if you don’t want to go through those complex steps, you can use a specific weather widget app. For this method we will use the Android 12 Weather Widgets app by Mohamed Ibrahem.

  1. Install Android 12 Weather widgets app on your phone from Play Store.
  2. Open the app and set the weather location (you can search via city name). You can also apply a custom api from the openweathermap.
    How to Get Android 12 Widgets
  3. Go to homesceeen and long tap on an empty area. Go to Widgets and select an Android 12 weather widget that you like.
  4. Now you can resize the widget if you want.

So these are the few methods to get Android 12 widgets on any Android phone. Let us know which method you are going to use. And if we missed any popular free method for Android 12 widget then let us know in the comment section.

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