Android 12 Go Edition announced with major improvements

After the announcement of Android 12 and Android 12L, Google announced the Android 12 Go version. The Go Edition will be exclusive to low-end devices based on Android Go. It has lite apps and consumes less resources of the phone. The new Android 12 Go version comes with various improvements over the Android 11 Go version.

Many low-end devices are being used across the world and the Go version was launched a few years back to provide a better Android experience on low-end devices. And later the OS improved a lot. The new Android 12 Go version will take the experience even further with a faster, smarter, and more privacy-friendly experience.

Google mentioned on its blog that the Android 12 Go version will be available for devices in 2022. The tech giant also mentioned that many Go Edition phones coming in 2022 will run Android 12 Go out-of-the-box.

The announcement would be incomplete without a mention of the new features. Google has shared a lot of features that will be available to users with Android 12 Go version. Here are all the features that Google mentioned in the Android 12 Go announcement.

Faster App launches: The new Android 12 Go Edition will be more powerful than its predecessor. It will allow apps to open up to 30% faster and with smoother animation. One of the main problems in cheap and low end phones is the delay in opening apps. So the Android 12 Go will play a major role in the better experience.

Longer Battery Life: Android Go edition is made in such a way that it will not consume a lot of power. And with the Android 12 Go Edition, the power consumption is even less. It will hibernate apps that haven’t been used for a long time.

Translate & Listen on Recent Apps Screen: Android 12 Go Edition comes with more intelligent features. In Android 12 Go, users can translate or listen to the news from a page on the recent apps screen.

Easier App Sharing: Android 12 Go Edition will let users share apps using the Nearby Share feature. Long tap on any app will show an option for sharing that application.

Easier Profile Switching: Android 12 GO Edition also comes with the feature to easily switch between two profiles: for eg. between guest and user’s own account. This comes in handy when sharing the device with someone.

More privacy control: Android keeps getting better with every version of Android in every field be it performance or privacy. Just like the Android 12, the Android 12 Go will also show which apps are using what services on the device. The new privacy dashboard is easier to control and to get a privacy overview.

Since the user interface takes a lot of resources, the Android 12 Go will not adopt many Android 12 functionalities. Also, other features that take a lot of resources will not be available on Android 12 Go Edition. The simpler the design the less resource it uses. And for low end devices, the clean and lite interface gives better performance.

The Android 12 Go Edition will be available on devices next year. We don’t know which phones will be eligible for the Android 12 Go Edition. But if you have an Android Go edition phone and your OEM has promised to provide updates till 2022 or later, then you can expect the Android 12 Go Edition for your device.

Once we have access to more Android 12 Go related information we will share it with you. If you have any questions, you can ask our team in the comment section.

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