Android 12 Closed Beta for OnePlus 9RT goes live

OnePlus has started the Android 12 closed beta program for the OnePlus 9RT. Many OnePlus phones have already passed the closed beta and now it is time for the OnePlus 9RT. This means that the countdown has begun for the stable Android 12 based OxygenOS 12 for the OnePlus 9RT. Since this is a closed beta, users need to apply for it, unlike the open beta. Let’s find out more about Android 12 closed beta for OnePlus 9RT.

The OnePlus 9RT is a budget flagship phone launched in the last quarter of last year. It is among the latest OnePlus devices but unfortunately, the device has not received the Android 12 yet. The closed beta program at least gives assurance that OnePlus 9RT Android 12 will be available to the public soon. It is based on OxygenOS 12.

OnePlus device follows the update pattern starting with Closed Beta (short term) followed by a couple of Open Beta and then the stable build. So yes the Android 12 for OnePlus 9RT is in the early phase and can take a couple of months for stable build release.

OnePlus is recruiting 200 OnePlus 9RT Indian users for the Android 12 based OxygenOS 12 Closed Beta. And they will select users on the basis of first come and first get scenarios. So if you want to apply for it then make sure to apply at the earliest. Here are some points you need to check before applying for the Android 12 closed program on your OnePlus 9RT.

  • You are using a OnePlus 9RT India variant
  • You are an active OnePlus Community member
  • You are willing to regularly communicate and report issues/suggestions to the OnePlus team on Telegram
  • The CBT version is not the stable version, which is still in development. After updating to the CBT version, you’ll remain to be patient and tolerate its instability and accept all risks which might be caused by it

If all the requirements are met you can go to the given link and fill out the application for the closed beta program.

Remember this is the early build, so there can be major issues. Also, you may need to erase all the data if manual flashing is required. Or you can also wait for the Android 12 Open Beta program if you don’t want to face major bugs.

Let us know if you are going to apply for the closed beta program and if you have joined the beta program earlier, how was your experience.

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