Android 12 Beta 2 is now available with better Privacy Management

Google releases the second public beta of Android 12 for Pixel users. The first Android 12 beta was released a few weeks ago in a Google I/O event. In the event, Google already revealed the features of Android 12 Beta 1, and now the Android 12 Beta 2 comes with some new features. The Android 12 Beta 2 comes with build version SPB2.210513.007. Here you will know about Android 12 Beta 2 new features along with download links.

If you are not aware of the Android rollout process, Google first releases three Developer Previews followed by four public beta. And later the stable Android is released during the main event from Google which takes place after August. So far Android 12 process is also the same and as predicted the second Android 12 Public Beta is now rolling out for Pixel users. Next month we can expect the third Android 12 Beta.

Android 12 Beta 2
Android 12 Roadmap

For non-Pixel phones, the Android 12 Beta program depends on the respective OEMs. So, if you have a non-pixel phone, then you can check out more info here.

Talking about new features, Android 12 Beta 2 comes with some interesting additions like Privacy Dashboard, Mic & Camera indicators, and more. Overall, the Android 12 Beta 2 is focused on Privacy Management. Let’s check out Android 12 Beta 2 features in detail.

Android 12 Beta 2 Features

Privacy Dashboard – It is a new feature that I guess will be available in Settings. Privacy Dashboard user interface is similar to Digital Wellbeing but it will show how many apps are using which permissions. It allows users to easily track which apps are using what permission. The feature also lets you know the timeline when a particular access like location is used.

Android 12 Beta 2
Privacy Dashboard

Mic & Camera Indicators – If you have used Android 12 Developer Preview, then you already know of this feature. In Android 12 Beta, it is now available to the public with better management. This feature will show Mic and Camera icons in the status bar if any app is using these permissions. To know which app is using the permission, you can get more information directly from Quick Settings.

Mic and Camera toggles – This feature was also mentioned in the I/O event. And now it is available to users with the Android 12 Beta 2. It is also a part of the privacy feature which lets you disable app access directly from Quick Settings. Yes, both Microphone and Camera toggles are now accessible from Quick Settings.

Clipboard access notifications – Android 12 also comes with this new Privacy feature. This feature will let you know which apps are reading your clipboard. When you copy any text or numbers, it is saved in the clipboard and Android 12 Beta 2 will show which app is accessing the content on the clipboard. You will see a toast at the bottom when any app tries to read the clipboard.

Intuitive connectivity experience – Android 12 now lets you easily manage network connections from Status Bar, Quick Settings, and Settings.

Android 12 Beta 2
Android 12 Quick Settings

So, these are the new big features available on Pixel with Android 12 Beta 2.

Android 12 Beta 2 Supported Devices:

  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4XL
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 4a 5G
  • Pixel 5

If you are already using the Android 12 Beta 1 on your Pixel phone, then you can directly update your device to Android 12 Beta 2 with OTA. You can check for the update manually by going to Settings > System > Software Update. In case if the update is not available then you can manually install the OTA zip file on your Pixel phone running Android 12 Beta 1.

And if you want to switch from a Stable to Beta, then you can opt for Android Beta Program or flash the full Android 12 Beta 2 Factory Image.

To download Android 12 Beta 2 OTA Zip and Factory Images, check out our download article.
To install Android 12 Beta 2 on Pixel phones, check out this install guide.

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