Airtel New Broadband Plans with Increased Data at Same Price

Previously, Airtel Broadband were like not competitive as others are right now. Due to which Airtel was loosing their subscribers. Airtel older Broadband Plans were not satisfactory in terms of data, whereas the speed of the plans were better. But user need both data as well as speed. There are many other broadband companies who are giving big data plans at same price. So Airtel decided to come back with Airtel New Broadband Plans.

In new plans Airtel offering twice the older data limit. This can boost Airtel broadband market profit and can get more subscribers.

Older Airtel Broadband Plans:

Plans were different for different cities. So here I will talk about Delhi.            

  •  Rs.899 – 30GB Upto 16Mbps
  • Rs.1099 – 50GB Upto 40Mbps
  • Rs.1299 – 75GB Upto 100Mbps
  • Rs.1499 – 100GB Upto 100Mbps
  • Rs.1799 – 150GB Upto 100Mbps

New Airtel Broadband Plans:

According to change in data in Delhi.

  • Rs.899 – 60GB Upto 16Mbps
  • Rs.1099 – 90GB Upto 40Mbps
  • Rs.1299 – 125GB Upto 100Mbps
  • Rs.1499 – 160GB Upto 100Mbps
  • Rs.1799 – 220GB Upto 100Mbps

If you want to know the changed data plans please visit Airtel official website.

All the new customer will get free WiFi router with installation price of Rs.1000. And the user who will switch from other Internet service provider such as BSNL/MTNL will get free installation along with free router.



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