5 Important Things to See Before Buying a New Smartphone

5 Important Things to See Before Buying a New Smartphone

Smartphones are the common and useful technology for everyone. The smartphones are very necessary to have at least one these days. Smartphone also helps everyone in many ways such as communications, entertainment, Business and much more. In this post, you will see the 5 Important Things to See Before Buying a New Smartphone.

The smartphone market is covered by many companies through online and offline over the world. Smartphones come with various specs within some price. Customer buys the smartphones with their choice.

Important Factors:

 1) Display

A display includes the whole screen size, Resolution, pixels. Some people like the big screen phone (average 5.5-inch) and some likes small screen phone (average 5-inch). Just go for what you like. But you should check the resolution, PPI and the protection. The Resolution should be at least HD (1280 x 720p) for the smartphone under Rs.15,000 with some protection in it such as Corning Gorilla Glass. And for the Smartphone above Rs.15,000 should have at least FHD (1920 x 1080p) Display. The smartphone above Rs.25,000 should have at least 2K Display. If you are looking for best smartphone go for at least 2K display with some protection, water and scratch resistant, and ~400ppi.

 2) Processor

A processor is the powerful component of the smartphone. The flagship device contains the latest processor i.e. in the case of Android Snapdragon 800 series. Check for what is the latest processor running on the market. The processor also affects the battery performance. Some processor produces a lot of heat on the smartphone. The recommended processor for a smartphone under Rs.10,000 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 435. For the Smartphone under Rs.20,000 is Snapdragon 625,626,653,660 and Exynos 7870. And for the Smartphone above Rs.20,000 is Snapdragon 821, 835,

3) RAM

RAM is the memory used to help the processor to work fast, run multiple apps etc. The average RAM for the latest smartphones is 2GB(DDR3 and DDR4). But if you are at tight budget go for at least 1GB RAM.

4) Battery

The battery is the most important factor in my opinion. Everyone wants their phone to last for at least one day in one time charge with minimum usage. The average power of battery running on most of the smartphone is 3000mAh. With the 10nm and 14nm processor battery last for so long. Prevent the phone which heats a lot.

5) Camera

Some of the smartphone company are just focusing on the camera performance such as Vivo, Oppo, Gionee. Because most of the people buy their phone with good camera performance. Camera with laser autofocus, phase detection is good. Aperture is also the part of the camera to give attention.

Other than these factors GPU is also a factor to see for gaming and graphics purpose.

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  1. Well that was nice article about and helps me more and increase my knowledge. Well i am also checking these all things before buying new Mobile, but if you are going to buy old mobile you must have to check all the functions with these five because it is a big risk and depends on your luck. Thanks for sharing nice information.


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