5 Google Chrome Extensions You Need to Install For Daily Use

5 Google Chrome Extensions You Need to Install 1

Google Chrome is providing a lot of extension to the users for our benefit and reduce complexity. There are a large number of Google Chrome user and if you are one of them then here you will get 5 Google Chrome Extensions You Need to Install For Daily Use and these will help you. The list of extension you will see is very helpful and you will like to use them daily.

 1. Dot VPN                                                                                                      

It’s a virtual private network provider which will keep your information safe by hiding your IP address. By using this VPN you can access any blocked site and apps in your region. It also provides an Adblock service.

2. Adblock Plus                                                                                            

Adblock lets you to block all the add in any website, online video, online game etc. You can also select a particular page to block adds. This can be very helpful to block unnecessary pop-up adds. This will also reduce your loading time.

3. IDM

Internet Download Manager is a software which let you to download items in maximum speed with great features such as resume, restart, download limit etc. After installing IDM into your pc you need to install its Extension also to work it properly. You can find the extension file in your installed directly, You have to drag from there and drop it on google chrome extension page.

4. Grammarly                                                                                                  

Grammarly let you to find and correct an incorrect english word or sentence from a paragraph. It helps during writing Blog, email,letter etc. This extension is also available as a software for computer. 

5. Infinity New Tab                                                                                           

This is an application for chrome which enhances the homepage of chrome. It makes the homepage better, attractive, and easy to use. This extension let you to add shortcut in the Front window. You can also add ToDO list, weather, change app icon, color etc.

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